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Using the Power of Perception to Change Things

Today is my birthday and I wanted to share this with you.

There are times when we feel that no matter what we do, nothing seems to be happening. This feeling cannot only frustrate us, but render us solemn and dispondent. I have come to realize that it is our perception of when and how we want things to show up that brings about doubts and frustrations.

Change your perception and your circumstances start to shift. What does this mean and how can we consciously remain in the state of receptivity instead of doubt which locks us into constriction?

first off, I have found that when I allow thing to be okay and remain in that space of openness, changes start occurring naturally.

It is important to remember that we have the power to form and reform things in and around us with our exceptional abilitiy of creativeness.

Using these 4-steps declarations can start your power of perception to unfold naturally:

1. Stop affirming that things are difficult. Instead, begin declaring: I am shifting things happilly and I am doing it well.
2. Tune within and repeat as often as necessary: I am now connecting with the everlasting all-embracing power and it is showing me the way.
3. I am choosing to free myself of all perceived and unwanted constraint.
4. I am Alert, I am Aware, I am Awaken and I am fully anchored in God’s beautiful Creation in peace, joy and clarity and with a creative approach to life now and always.

Always remember that when you commit to changing things in your life, things are no longer what they were before. Because you’ve already broken the vicious cycle and the shift has already began. Keep the momentum going by repeating the 4 steps constantly until you start sensing and feeling the changes around you.
Even if you still can’t see the physical appearance, don’t be misled. Remain connected to you inner sensing and things will appear in their own time.

Let your intuition continue to show you the way!

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