Calmness, Clarity, Congruency & Competency
for a seamless & meaningful transformational path in life

If you’re a highly driven woman over 40 experiencing midlife identity quest or facing a midlife divorce, then you’ve come to the right place!


A spiritual- and soul-based professional service, here to support you in becoming masterful at using your inner guidance to turn the change you’re experiencing into a more fulfilling and abundant life! This is the goal of Embracing Changes, with intuition guidance!

Olakunbi Korostensky ND, MA

Inner flame rekindler, intuition specialist, naturopathic doctor, energy psychologist, spiritual life changer coach, therapist, health and wellness consultant, author, speaker

Two elements of changes which affect our lives are:

  • 1The change that we consciously choose
  • 2And the change over which we have no control, either by fate or circumstances.
During our lives, at one time or the other, we will experience both forms of these changes.
Wanted or not, changes often bring disruptions and uncertainties into our lives, making most people feeling insecure, lost and scared.
Because change is a natural occurrence in life, it would be helpful to us to embrace every change that occur in our lives. This can grow our inner
strength and resilience.
Learning to embrace change with the ability of your intuition is the most natural and effective way to move effortlessly through any transition in life.

The question is:

In times of change, do you know how to engage your intuition to support you or do you find yourself struggling to access your intuitive guidance?

  • When facing a sudden change, can you calmly trust your intuition to offer you clarity and know what to do, or do you panic and ask: What should I do?
  • With all the chaos around us today, intuition is our only strong ability, capable of leading us out of the maze and tumult.
  • If you feel that the old way of doing things is no longer working for you or sense that it’s time to seek help to move forward because you know that you can do better.

Embracing Changes with Intuition Guidance

is here to support you in:

In our work together, with the guidance of your soul connection, you’ll learn to clearly process your change with your intuitive guidance and spiritual awareness. This approach is not only more effective, but truly empowering and transformational, than using your limited conscious mind and intellect to accomplish the same thing.



“Being able to rely on my intuition was always a challenge for me in the past. After working with you, I have now come to realize that there’s nothing to be anxious about. For a long time, my life has been a rollercoaster until I started working with you. I also appreciate your way of getting me to look at things deeper and learning to listen within for my own answers. My health has improved a great deal and I’m a much happier person. No, I’m not yet quite where I want to be, but I’m positively on my way, thanks to you.”

Muriel Jackson

“Thank you so much for all your support and help. You always make me feel that I can change my discomforting perception. I am so glad I found you and have you near me. I will try to always use what you’ve taught me. Without you I would not have the strength to go through these difficult times. I hope that one day I can be happy again…”

Take care!

Sandra G

“Every coaching sessions I‘ve had with Doc have been mind opening for me. I always felt supported and each time a little further in gaining what I most wanted to attain.

For me, it was the best decision I made, because it helped me to overcome self sabotage and taught me to trust my own intuition explicitly. Thank you so much for your wonderful encouragements!”

I am so grateful!

Eva-Lee Brown

“I experienced Ms. Korostensky as a very loving, happy, compassionate, deep and competent woman. Her strong intuition and clairvoyance touched me deeply and gave me hope and encouragement that I can continue to make further progress on my life’s path and for inner development.

Loving greetings!”

Cécile K. Lindegger

“Ms. Korostensky has helped me and my children overcome very difficult times through her excellent therapeutic knowledge and energetic work. Later on I have had the privilege of her supporting me on my spiritual quest. This has changed my my life for the better, imparting me with a sense of purpose, joy and fulfilment. I think back to this time with deep gratitude.

Ms. Korostensky coming into my life was a blessing from heaven!”

Gabriela Gübeli

“Ms. Korostensky posseses the finer sensing of perceiving exactly what you need. I felt very protected with her during the difficult and challenging times I went through. I was able to gain clear conscious awareness through her exceptional art of questioning. This connected me with my inner knowing as I recognised that all answers already lie within me. She posseses a wide range of therapeutic knowledge and an undeniably strong intuition which she applies in a very compassionate manner. She has helped me open myself to new ways of perception and being. I recommend her warm heartedly to anyone who wants to look within!”

Sibille Winistörfer

“I wish to say that she has been a great source of encouragement to me, particularly through her newsletters on women’s success and embracing changes holistically.I have found her writings very inspiring and uplifting and they have helped me to look inwards with a view to making changes to my life perspective.I wish her continued success and look forward to learning more from her.”

Omowale Dipeolu

“I would like to say thank you very, very much. I realise, that I have learned so many things for my life from you! Wow – that’s what I realised more and more. Thank you and a big hug from my heart!”

Marianne Wiederkehr

“I met Olakunbi Korostensky several years ago as a loving, attentive and open minded woman. Her strength and therapeutic knowledge have often helped me see problems or situations, such as in parenting issues, from another perspective.

…I am grateful to have such a remarkable woman beside me. She never stops to amaze me with her warm heartedness and her joyful laughter!”

Irene Dörig

“My sessions with O. Korostensky have imparted me with a lot of confidence – confidence in myself and in life…. Through her skillful art of questioning, I gained more self awareness, because I recognized that all answers lie within me. O. Korostensky has a vast therapeutic knowledge and an exceptional intuitive and sensitive ability. She is the perfect therapist and coach for me!”

Sibille Winistorfer

“When I opened your homepage I

– actually felt “welcome”,
– enjoy the beautiful pictures,
– feel invited and interested to go to other subjects of the page
– like the clear structure
– feel very much attracted by the depth and wisdom of your articles/statements
– am interested to know more
– wish to subscribe to your newsletter
– feel trust and confidence in hiring you as coach

Thank you.”

Barbara M. Boyo

“I experienced the one on one Sessions with you Kunbi as quite intensive, life changing and very productive. Your gifted and insightful way of support helped me overcome my fear to trust and wait for things to unfold in their own time.

Facing new changes has always been difficult for me. The Sessions with you showed me how to deal constructively with my fears and anxiety. I was able to confidently accept my new situation and gradually turn things around for better. There are still times I doubt, but I can now move quickly past these doubts and focus on what is working for me now.

Thank you for helping me refind myself and my happiness. I went from fear of the unknown to believing in myself again.”

Marianne W.

“Life Coaching was suggested to me from a friend who makes a similar ‘therapy’ and I am very happy I followed her advice. I can only recommend from deep inside me, to people who also have the feeling they need some concrete and positive help to move forward to ask the support from such a remarkable person as Mrs Korostensky is. She’s frank and open minded, nice but firm and strong, she’s extremely supportive, no matter what or when you need help, she’s proud of you especially when you are not and she always does her best to look for the best time for your coaching together and also if you urgently need some help outside the coaching.

I was very skeptical when I started, but this has not discouraged Mrs Korostensky or let her think it was not worth to help me. I appreciated that very much. I deeply needed one “anchor” in my life, but also, at the same time, I deeply needed to get much more in touch with myself and to find my solutions inside me. I think I’m on the right way now and I have to thank her – and myself of course – for this. What I appreciate is that she helps me, she’s totally there for me when I am desperate, but she doesn’t let me just ask desperately for help (as I used to do and sometimes still do with my family and friends), she always pushes me to find – with her help if I need it – a way out, sooner or later.”

Sarah Hubmann

What’s Next?

If you are tired of struggling with a midlife divorce or wanting to put an end to a midlife identity crisis, and willing to take full responsibility for your life and happiness, go HERE NOW to Learn more and Schedule a Call with Me.
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To rekindling your own inner flame!

Kunbi Korostensky ND

Inner Flame Rekindler™