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for a seamless & meaningful transformational path in life


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The D.E.P.T.H ™– Healing Your Life after Divorce: for Divorced Executives

Applying “The DEPTH Actualisation” to Heal Your Life and Refine Yourself

Depth and Happiness

The DEPTH Actualisation is a concise coaching programme to support your process of healing as you learn to deal with your loss after divorce. DEPTH Actualisation has been used successfully used by others who have undergone divorces.

D.E.P.T.H “Actualisation” stands for :

  • Divorced: Your Divorce as a self quest
  • Executive: Keeping a balance between career and daily routines
  • Perseverance: Taking steps towards rediscovering yourself
  • Territory: Moving into new territory without becoming overly self conscious
  • Happiness: Finding new happiness through forgiveness and releasing the past
  • ACTUALISATION– Experience fully again the joy of refinding yourself and your path with an open heart