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About Us Embracing ChangesThe published author, speaker, tutor and Spiritual & Intuition life Changer Coach, Olakunbi O. Korostensky, ND is a Visionary and Intuition Protagonist. She perceives herself as an “Inner Flame Rekindler”, avidly supporting women to reconnect with their true self by heeding and developing their intuition for a more congruent way of being.

The former Naturopathic Doctor and Psychotherapist who officially retired from her private practice in 2014 after 37 years of working with patients from all walks of life possesses a wealth of knowledge which she congruently integrates into her Coaching practice.

Through her past professional work in holistic medicine and skillful application of several modalities of energy healing practice to break through emotional and mental blocks, she gained deep insight into the challenges people often face when undergoing changes.

Her years of professional studies have been very extensive; from England to Germany to United States and to Switzerland where she has worked and continued to live.

She absorbed her Life Coach training at the Institute for Life Coaching Training for professionals from Colorado.

The “Doc” as she is often referred to by her clients, now works as a Spiritual & Intuition Life Changer Coach. She is very mindful of what it means to struggle until you learn to master your life implicitly with your intuition.

In Coaching, she has a gift of calmly guiding her clients to work their own magic with their intuition to transform their lives.

Olakunbi is the published author of INTUITION INVOLUTION – Living by Intuition for a Balanced World in 2012 and Beyond, and the developer of the Energy Sequential Training, QiEnYobreath™.

Supplementary Information about Your Coach

  • Over 30 year Olakunbi has conducted numerous talks, workshops, seminars and presentations to small groups and large audience such as at the Kientalerhof Seminar Center, Switzerland.
  • In 2005 after a close brush with death, she closed down her former practice. In 2007, she founded Awaken Women International (AWI™) a community for women, promoting feminine excellence for a life of dignity and sustainable success through the integration of spirituality into their lives and businesses.
  • She is the Founder and President of the former nonprofit Foundation Attitudinal Healing in Switzerland and former owner of the residential Awaken Women Retreat Wellness Centre
  • Under the name: “Art Gallery Lichtstrahl” she ran her an Art Gallery for 15 years. This presented new upcoming artists the opportunity to regularly show their work: paintings, sculptures and other creative handmade objects such as glassware, porcelain and ceramic.
  • She has taught English as a second language for IBM, Learning Institute, Escom Training School Ltd, ABB Holdings Ltd. Credit Suisse and Elma Electronic AG. She taught English as a second language and business English preparing students for various external exams such as TOEFL, BEC, TOIEC, CAE and Cambridge Proficiency.
  • Her brilliant teaching skill was acknowledged by the language school, Learning Institute with the “2009 Best Teacher of the Year” award

Things I Thoroughly Enjoy Include…

Fresh flowers in a vase…, pottering around in my garden, especially caring for my rose bed in which I take great pride….playing with my beautiful cats. We have 5 and they all never cease to amaze me with their agility!….Sitting on our large terrace at night and counting the stars…listening to the sound of waterfall…listening to classical music, especially Mozart and Beethoven….Helping my clients unravel their very own wonders through our work together… and making homemade preserves and syrups from my garden ripened fruits…eating self prepared bowl of fresh salad… and …Christmas!

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About Us Embracing Changes


About Us Embracing Changes