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Can Enhancing Intuition Reduce Depression and Fear?

Can Enhancing Intuition Reduce Depression and Fear? Embracing Changes

Recently, I had a very interesting discussion with two wonderful women whom I have known for sometime.

One of the women mentioned that her sister has been depressed for a long time and she has been on medication the last 8 years. She was wondering why so many people fall into depression for “no apparent” reason and find it difficult to move out of it.

The other woman, nodded and went on to say that she feels that depression and fear often are related, especially when people have been through an emotional ordeal.

As I listened to both women with an open heart, I became empathic as they both offered their various observations and insights about two major problems in our world today.

Suddenly, I realized the deeper significance of depression and fear in the world. My intuition kicked in and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t put these together before!

Emotions are powerful energy. Emotional ordeal usually erodes the power of the soul and therefore can render us vunerable to negative energies. As our world has become quite densed with strong negative energies surrounding us both in our physical world and etherically, it is clear that when emotional upheaval hits us the natural protective schild around our body – the aura may not be able to wade off the negativity effectively. This is because many people have weakened and to some extent, even destroyed their protective field.

Many people bombard their body for years with junk food, negative thoughts, unseemly actions and indulge in several other habits such as alcohol, drugs, excessive sex – things that weaken the solar plexus and nerves, the inner power and therefore deplete the soul the energy it requires to keep the aura strong and fully bonded with their intuition.

There are of course, other circumstances that can weaken the aura such as exhaustion and stress and even environmental contamination. Still, if we treat our body right on all levels of being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, with a strong sense of purpose in life grounded in keeping a conscious balance and inner alertness, our intuition will be able to readily communicate to us in time to guide us and protect us. There would be no need for people to fall into depression and live in fear for the most part of their existence on Earth.

We are unable to find real solutions to many of the emotional and mental problems in the world today, because we refuse to acknowledge that we need higher knowledge that is beyond our intellectual skills.

May you find the strength to start reawakening the connection with your intuition for a clear and true balance in your life.

Love Always
Kunbi Korostensky ND
Inner Flame Rekindler

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