Calmness, Clarity, Congruency & Competency
for a seamless & meaningful transformational path in life

Challenges and Resolves

One interesting thing I’ve come to appreciate over the years is that the older I get the clearer are my perceptions of day to day challenges.

I also recognize that whatever it is that we face in this life is truly there to mature our soul and render us more conscious of our choices and their consequences. Most times, we make a decision without fully being aware of the results they hold for us. This is because, consequences are often not so immediate as our choices.

This is why I believe that the more we work from our intuition, bonding with it to help us have more clarity and attune to how we are meant to be on Earth, the better will be the choices we make and thereby we can reap wonderful results.

I realize that learning from our impetuous actions is part of being here and growing. Yet, it can seem a long winding road for many of us, if we constantly experience the same challlenges repeatedly. So how does one become masterful at laying the “tedious ghost” to rest?

My answer is to become more alert and vigilant, listening more from within than from outside. I have found that whenever I compare what I am doing with what others are doing, I am doing a di-service to myself. I often feel demotivated and get frustrated afterwards. This mental state of being not only drags me down, but also blocks off my ability to ease into my intuitive guidance.

My resolution is to remain attuned to my energy and be fully connected with my volition and who I am. It is imperative to release all unnecessary expectations of others. The more you leave your inner channels open, the stronger and clearer the intuition gets.

Keep your resolves clear and strong and you’ll be amazed at the exceptional flood of power that gets trigger for your own miracle.

Which is my reason for creating a conscious path of helping others reconnect fully with their intuition, by living from intuition. Look out for my book: INTUITION INVOLUTION – living by Intuition for a Balanced World in 2012 and Beyond”

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