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The Importance Of Choosing Your Words Consciously

These past few weeks, I have been observing how what I say have great impact in my life and in the lives of other people.

There is nothing new about the knowledge of the power of our words. But sometimes I believe we  either forget about their effects or we simply become slothful in our ways. Still, this is not to say that we can be excused. Because the unchanging eternal laws woven into Creation do not wait for us to become vigilant before reciprocating to what we put out there in the form of our words or deeds for that matter.

Yesterday, a colleague asked for my opinion about her health issues, which she has unsuccessfully  been dealing with. Immediately, I was tempted to shed some light on what I perceived to be the source of her problem. But then, something held me back, and I listened within.

It became very clear to me that what she now required, was not what I had to say about the source of her health issues, but rather encouragements on how well she was managing with the situation. So I changed my focus and listened with my heart. As she continued to speak, I observed her feelings and then asked her what exactly she wanted from me. The answer came like a rocket!

She said she needed my moral support and my words of wisdom which she felt had always given her the strength to deal with difficult issues in the past! Amazing what simple listening can bring to the fore. 

Once again, I was reminded of the importance of truly tuning into other people’s feelings to really perceive how best to serve them at a given time.

My change of focus saved me from making a grievous mistake and undoubtedly disappointing or worst still hurting a dear colleague. Had I gone ahead and said what was in my mind, I would have missed the opportunity of knowing what is really of benefit to her.

Sometimes it is best to hold back a thought before deciding to put it into words. For once your words are pronounced, they are out of your control and a constellation of vibration is set into motion.                     


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