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Things Are Never What They Appear to Be!

Are there times in which you feel that you’re struggling badly with some things and then…wham! Suddenly and magically, things begin to fall into place?

I have had some very challenging times these past few weeks, but somehow as I began shifting my focus from what appeared to be obvious – and I consciously chose the words “appeared to be  obvious”- I was able to diffuse many difficult situations.

In fact, acutely charged problems simply began to unravel. I received inner promptings for solutions which I otherwise would not have thought of.

It is a wonderful feeling to recognize the validation of the old adage that your own happiness and peace of mind solely lie in your own hands.

When oppositions or adversities oppose us, we tend to focus too much on the problem and get emotionally clog up by who is to blame. Unfortunately, this attitude only eats away at us, and immobilizes us.

But if we can emotionally distant ourself from the problem and focus more on looking for solutions, then we are able to free up dynamic energy to turn things around.

This is what I have experienced. I can assure you, it is much more engaging and invigorating focusing all your inner “radar” on what needs to become than on what went wrong!

Suddenly your heart feels lighter, you take concise action, you move with certain confidence, you have a certain air of determination about you. All these changes happen because you are driven from within.The energy around you is just electrifying! This were actually what people have been saying to me these past weeks.Truly amazing!

Which proves that if you don’t allow problems to stop you or eat away at you, you’ll  be directed to find the right angle to things, even in the worst case scenario. For things are really never what they mostly appear to be.

Right now, my maxim is: “never judge any dark moment by its appearance, for you can neither feel how soothing wading in iced cold water can be until you’ve experienced it”. It is a question of perspectivity.

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