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The Ripples of New Joy As Catalyst For What Is Becoming

We all experience times of exhilarating joy which just seem to burst out of your soul. Well this happened to me today!

I woke up in a pretty much calm manner and as the day went by, I continued to observe the changes in my inner disposition. I felt a surge of deep happiness and inner contentment which I haven’t felt for a very long time. I was amazed by this change, especially because yesterday had been quite the opposite.

In fact, the previous day had me struggling with my physical energy and strength that I had to stay home for the entire day. And yes, I listened to my intuition and did what was best for me. I spent the day reading and delving into some special writings which my whole being seemed to just soak up. By the time I was ready for bed, I felt completely numbed and yet more “together”?!

Today, however, things have changed and the bubbly joy within me suddenly overflowed. I decided to use this as an incentive to experiment on a project which I had recently been struggling with. But first, I called a very good friend and informed her about my perception. She listened and then said something remarkable. “Do you think it could be that the struggle you went through yesterday was a way of symbolically overcoming a hump,… kind of making up for something?” I went dead silent, but not because of what she said, but the way she said it.

Because although it appeared to be a question it wasn’t! It was more of a clear statement. This statement cut deep into my soul and I felt she was right. it was as if she linked intuitvely with me helping me understand better what had happened.

When I still didn’t say anything, she went on to say, that she felt that the joy I was feeling was a kind of compensation because I embraced the struggle from the other day. Meaning that I opened myself for the beginning of a new, happier and more fulfilling path with lesser struggle. Wow! was I amazed by her talk. But what amazed me even more was I knew she was absolutely right!

Strong lesson for me: when things get tough, sit back and enjoy the ride without complaining, for who knows what great blessings are on their way?

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