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You Can And You Will


Anytime I feel overwhelmed and a little apprehensive, I either withdraw and seek balance in some solitude or I simply do some journaling. I always feel more composed and peaceful after getting my thoughts out into the open.

Recently, I discovered that my success is not, as I had thought, dependent on how much I am able to accomplish in a day, week, month or even a year, but on the joy I reap from remaining consciously active. This discovery came to me as I was working on my goals for 2007.

Here was I sitting there writing away all these goals, fully pouring my heart and soul out on to my small book (I have a “goal achieving booklet”) when suddenly I had an uncanny feeling. It was as if someone stood beside me and made me slow down my writing.

The next thing I knew, I was flipping through all the previous pages and reading over again all my former goals.

Guess what? I realized that I have practically achieved everything I had ever written down in that small book since 1995! Wow! what an eye opener that realization was to me.

In all those years of changes and adjusments I have been through, I have continued to move in the directions of fulfilling and attaining what I had set out to achieve, even in the face of turbulences and uncertainties.

I was reminded of the saying that achieving your goal is more in the fun of the journey there as in the attainment of the goal itself. Another recognition is that by writing down my goals, my subconscious registered every details and stirred me continously in any way it found suitable for me to attain my goals, even at times when I was no longer aware of them.

I heard the words You can and You will achieve anything, when you fully open yourself to the vibration of what you want, repeatedly ringing in my mind.

Of course, it is a BIG plus when you do achieve your goal!


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