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Activating Your Intuition For Happiness And Success

Are you aware that the real answer to achieving balance and attaining the joy, happiness and success you so long for lies in knowing exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

This may sound simplistic to you. But I can assure you it has been my experience that in order to get  great results for anything, particularly in times of changes, you have to get the what, when and how of what you want crystal clear in your mind.

This is where the power of your intuition comes into play. It has always been my innermost conviction that life was never meant to be a “battle field”- which I am sure most people are experiencing – and if this is the case, then we must have been provided with the right tool to handle our life with ingenious competence. After my near death experience in 2005, I made a promise to find a way to help people choose a much easier way to having sustainable happiness and security in their lives.

Well, I do believe that the answer came to me last year when I called to life my first “Awaken Women  International Conference“. The conference gave me some deep insights about a number of things, most especially it showed me how simple it is to find answers, when we give our intuition the priority of honour in our life. By this, I mean, have you ever felt a strong impulse to do something and you held back, only to regret not having followed through? That is what I mean by “the priority of honour” – the first place.

I have found that when people put their intuition in the first place and use it as the guideline for making their decisons and taking actions, everything runs smoothly. It is only when we start allocating our rational thinking the “guiding force” that we trip. And we all know the results of that.

We only require to listen more within and trust that our intuition knows the best answers and the most beneficial ways to go about anything. Activating your intuition shouldn’t have to be a chore as some of my clients have remarked. It ought to come naturally to us, because it is an innate way of self preservation and being happy.

Our intuition shouldn’t be relegated to the back bench and aired out occasionally.

I have found that once I have made a strong connection with my intuition, it has become my best ally, friend and tutor. It teaches me all I need to know at the right time on a deep inner level of consciousness and I am able to blend this knowing into my daily life. It has also render my life more peaceful, giving me more control of my life. When people ask anything of me, I simply tune into my intuition and offer a clear answer which may not always appeal to them but keeps me serene.

That to me is what now makes my life a success and joy.

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