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Working From Intuition – How Our Cat Daisy Overcame Her Fear Of Eating


It never stops to amaze me how once you attune into yourself, even the most apparently difficult situation just vanishes or at least loses its impact.

I was to be reminded about the power of the intuition once again. For several months on end, one of our cats Daisy has had a small swelling in her mouth. Needless to say that this inhibited her ability to chew and eat properly without inflicting pain.

The first visit to the Vet ended with a minor operation, whereby a tooth was  extracted and the swelling cut open and stitched up. Thereafter followed 2 weeks of antibiotics which I religiously administered to Daisy. All this happened last Summer and she was back to her old self.

Late Autumn 2005, my cat started refusing food again. As I observed her,I remarked that even though she was hungry, each time she took a bite her whole body shook up and she cried out in pain! So after trying to treat her myself without much success, I took her back to our vet.

He remarked that she was in pain because she had an open wound in her mouth and once again I was given some antibiotics to administer for 10 days. When the 10 days were over,I decided to follow the antibiotics treatment with Vitamin C drops in her food. It worked. She was fine and ate again until 2 weeks ago, when I observed her looking slyly as if suspicious of her food!

Each time her food was placed in front of her, she moved very cautiously towards it but wouldn’t touch it. I checked out her mouth and there it was, the culprit. The wound was open again. What now, I thought to myself, another quick trip to the vet? No, I felt that this time I had to do something different.

There’s something you have to know. Being a naturopathic doctor, except for some life threatening injuries, I have always treated all our cats by myself right from the time they were kittens.

So I listened within and felt intuitively that I can help her get well. I prepared a mixture of Echinacea, specially to boost her immune system and added some Silicium to it to heal wound. In the past, I have administered this remedy successfully to my patients. I guess why not now for my cat.

After preparing the mixture I began giving it to her. The first day she ate a little, but refused to eat much. The following day I followed my intuition and sat next to her on the floor gently stroking her while she ate. This soothed her nerves and encouraged her that she could do it. At first she was skeptical. She backed away, but I gently brought her back to her food stroking her. She tried again and when I continued to stroke her while she ate, I could feel the tension and anxiety leaving her whole body. She relaxed and finished her food.

It’s been a week now since I started with the treatment. Here is what I do: In the morning and evening I give Daisy 2 squirts of the drops, mash up her food to facilitate eating, and while she eats I sit next to her and stroke her. It certainly works and whenever she gets frightened, I simply talk quietly to her and encourage her to continue eating by stroking her.

She always seemed to understand and followed my lead. She’s now content and is no longer in pain.

It is truly amazing how much you can learn more by listening within and following your inner guidance. This is especially important in times of changes.

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