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A Simple Lesson On Appreciation

What a great relief as my husband finally came home after his long stay at the hospital.

I was quite amazed at how calmly and composed he had adapted himself to the whole procedure he went through.

This especially because he was never one to just sit around and do nothing. Not that he did anyway!  What with his laptop and a stacked-up files of documents from work to see him through the long stretched out hours!

I have always prided myself for being able to release tension and fear of insecurity before they can overwhelm me. So when I noticed a new surge of energy and inspiration flooding through me, after my husband got back home, I shared my experience with him.

This made me realise that even though I ‘d thought all along that I was fine and had managed to get things done on daily basis, I was far from being ok.

A big part of me was blocked off. I couldn’t write, or work effectively. It took me twice the amount of time and effort to do the things I normally would have done in half the time.

And although I knew what was happening, I wasn’t able to influence it. This has given me a completely new perspective and appreciation of how fear can reduce one’s scope of functioning.

I am truly grateful and thankful for all that I’ve been blessed with. I think that sometimes you need to experience certain hardship to become more appreciative of life and what you have.

A Simple Lesson On Appreciation Embracing Changes

  Here is a wonderful symbol of what makes life truly amazing and joyful.


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