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Taking A Plunge Into Web 2.0!


For quite sometime, I have been putting off looking into the Web 2.0, but last night after a remarkable connection with some positive women, I decided that it was time I made an extra effort. After all, not only was I being bombarded left and right with emails about the wonders of this “new societal fury, but I felt I owe it to my clients to find out what the whole excitement is all about.

So what I did was to sign up with twitter and even tried to sign up with Facebook, but promptly met with my limitations! I have to inform you that  when it comes to signing up on any portal on the internet I always find myself groping around and wasting much too much time. This time it wasn’t any better. I suppose that is why I have kept putting off joining.

Change, change, CHANGE, what is that ? I asked myself. A moment of stepping in and taking control of that which you know you can become with more people involved. That’s why I have finally mustered the courage now to also move into the new era of 2.0 and I’m determined to make it work.

Great, I feel that I have made the first successful move with twitter. Now I have to go back and check what I messed up with signing on at Facebook. Grunt! I certainly hope I am able to meet some fellow tweets or Facebookers to chirp in with some clear cut suggestions.

Well, what is that about taking the bull by the horn..? It is certainly appears sometimes to be the only way to move on. Don’t you just love CHANGE, sigh!

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