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The Power Of Inner Peace


The times we live in challenge us to seek deeply within our souls for answers to many issues. I have been working day and night in my Retreat Wellness Centre for women on a special project which I’m hoping will facilitate attaining more relaxation for our clients at the centre. Although I enjoy the work tremendously, it is taking a toll on me.

Last night I decided to tune in more profoundly than I had been doing recently. So I lit a candle and put on one of my favourite cds to help me relax and go within. I was amazed at the length of time it took me to fully relax and completely free my mind of various accumulated thoughts and bodily tension!

As I kept on focusing on my breathing and clearing my mind of many chatters, I began to let go of all tensions which have built up over the entire day. Then suddenly I heard myself humming to a sound I heard within myself. I kept on repeating the humming slowly breathing out and leaving out the humming when I breathed in.

Incredible! The humming intensified my relaxation and I felt a deep sense of peace washing over me as I continued. My body went into a motionless silence as I felt its weightlessness.

Now mind you I know about “toning” and I have used several background music for toning whenever I feel tensed or stressed, but this time it was different. It was as if the sound came from inside of me and showed my body the path to fully and completely release all baggage in a most simple and subtle manner.

I became an observer as well as a conduit. The humming imparted me with a sense of deep inner peace  and strength which I hadn’t been able to attain for a long time. This state of being helped to remind me that we do not have to wait to replenish ourself. It is possible at each moment and only requires conscious inner attunement.

When I woke up at 5 AM this morning, I felt rejuvenated, alert and strong. It was as if something had shifted within me and my heart was filled with love and deep gratitude.

What we all require at this difficult time is regular inner communion with our source, the spirit essence within us. It can remind us to reach deeply within and open ourself to the source of light around us and connect with it to replenish our soul and body.

I wish you love and the joy of discovering your own replenishing moments!

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