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Time To Make Something Else Happen


The other day, I was deliberating about writing a new article for the internet and jotted down a number of titles that came to mind. Suddenly I thought: Well yes, you can write on those things and you’re good at them, but what stops you from being a little bit more daring?

Then I just plunged into a new title and ran with it!

Oh yes I did it!  And I’m glad I did. Because, now I’ve finally broken the chain that held me down. I know, you don’t know what the heck I’m babbling about. It is just that I’m so excited about what I did.

Here we go.

As a has-been Naturopathic Doctor and Therapist and a seasoned Life Changer Coach, I have worked with people from all walks of life. Teachers, parents, managers, teenagers, babies, housewives, farmers, and various executives especially junior executives have all been my patients and clients for many years.

But for a long time I felt secured in keeping within my turf and not getting too involved with the corporate world, heaven knows there wasn’t lack of opportunities to do so. But the usual self coercing…Keep at what you do best had the upper hand. 

Anyway, I have always been a little curious about the bank management in Switzerland where I live. My husband works as an external project consultant for the second largest bank in Switzerland. And I have observed the problems that most junior executives have had to deal with over the years. So 6 months ago when I was asked for my input, even though it didn’t come as a surprise, I still wasn’t sure I wanted to move in that direction. What the heck, I thought and examined myself and made a paradigm shift.

Now seven months later down the line, I found myself learning a lot and enjoying every minute of being a part of a new environment, the corporate world. This has given me a new appreciation of the complexity of problems in that territory.

So back to that article I wrote. In the past I wouldn’t have felt safe enough to write anything on business and management. Now I wrote my first article exactly on that and got it published by a variety of free article directories on the Internet. You can read all about the article here :Effective Management – 4 Ways to Inspire Loyalty in Your Business

Just goes to show what a simple inner shift can set in motion.

Let me know your comment.

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