Calmness, Clarity, Congruency & Competency
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Individual Inner Unfoldment

One aspect of changes involves inner unfoldment. Personally, I have been on this course of life for a very long time and I’m grateful for the times when I was able to draw great strength from this path.

A great number of people who came to me for psychotherapy often were in search of something deeper to help them find inner peace and anchorage. Recently I had a talk with someone who said that his life began to change dramatically after he began examining the true meaning of his life.

I wonder if most of the problems we have accepting changes could do with not wanting to look deeper into ourselves.

There is a great article from Dr. Robert Saltzman on Spiritual Unfoldment. He is a dcctor whose work is dedicated to mental, emotional, and physical stability and personal growth. The article replies to to the question of what Spiritual Unfoldment is from a psychological standpoint.

His simple explanation about how to perform a self-observation on yourself is one I often recommend to people. I also like the simple analogy he gave about nutrition and spiritual unfoldment.

Indeed, it is truly in simplicity that you reap the greatest benefits. This is something I am constantly reminded of whenever I struggle for any solution.

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