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Saying Yes to Receive Your Abundance

Saying Yes to Receive Your Abundance Embracing Changes

September 7th is a very special day for me. It is a day of retreating and remembering that as a woman, I am here for a particular purpose. To use my feminine attributes in a consciencious way that evokes harmony of balance, love, ingenuity and forthright presence in my surroundings.

And you dear friend, what is your current situation?
Are you still waiting for something to change in your life, or are you stalling to make the changes you know it is time to make?

Be ready to move on when you know that it’s time to move on. Don’t let doubt or wariness stop you.

Do you know that the minute you heistate to take the steps you know you ought to take, your energy of momentum gets shut down and loses its strong vibration.

All crises and changes are precusors to breakthroughs in life and catalysts for our growth. If you think about any changes or crises you’ve experienced in the past, you’ll recognize that they were exactly what you needed at the time. Because the crises forced you to delve deeper into your inner resources and become stronger, even if you didn’t realize it at the time.

I believe that on a Soul level, consciously or unconsciously, we design our life to instigate our spiritual growth. We all are seeking primarily the conscious connection with our spirit, our true core. Once you’re able to activate that connection and retain it, you’ll be amazed at how simpler your life becomes and you no longer feel vulnerable and weak.

One of the things that I’m sure about is that you have to claim the abundance you want in your life. In other words, there’s is no point having wishful thinking and day dreaming about what your life could be like, if only…..?! You have to say a resounding YES to what you sense within you needs to change.

Once you know that a change is due, be firm and don’t dilly dally on it. Find a way to start leaving the old behind you and start moving into the new you feel is the way to go.

Don’t let outward circumstances hold you back. because if you do, you’ll never break free on to the new path.

Remember that behind every human aberration, there is a spiritual aspiration trying to emerge. Rest assured that whatever your intuition is prompting you to do is right and has a reason. Even if you can’t yet understand it, you only need to trust and follow through.

Inner rigidity is often what causes struggles. It is better to remain inwardly flexible. This is the key to true happiness. Think of how a willow tree bends with the wind no matter where it blows and no matter how strong the wind gets the branches still adapt and remain strong.

Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us. So remain open, listen fully and trust the process. It’ll be worth its while in the long run. I assure you.

The most enriching way to grow is to embrace any changes in your life while remaining connected with the true source of knowledge to guide your path.

Would love to hear your comments and experiences below.

Love Always
Your Inner Flame Rekindler Coach
Kunbi Korostensky ND

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