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How to Quieten Inner Turbulence in Times of Changes

How to Quieten Inner Turbulence in Times of Changes Embracing Changes

In times of changes, we often go through “emotional roller coaster”. This actually is not surprising and need not render you over anxious. The most important thing is to realize that having some kind of anxieties is normal.

Admittedly the form of anxieties differ from situation to situation

Take for instance, someone who receives a business promotion which he or she has long dreamt about. Although initially overjoyed, the anxiety of self scrutiny will eventually come up. This is because as humans, we all want to give our best to whatever we do. When others put their faith in us, we don’t want to disappoint them. So what do we do? We begin doubting our ability and ask ourselves if we are truly qualified for the work, or if we can meet expectations.

Or someone who is suddenly faced with branching out on their own either because they have been laid off work or they simply have decided to go a new direction. I am one for firing up people who make the conscious decision to take a new path. Whether out of necessity or not, it is remarkable and you should commend yourself for your courage.

Effective Ways to Quieten The Nagging Mind
1. Fears and self doubts can plague us to the extent that we lose all motivation to take action even when we know what to do. The trick is to not suppress these fears or nagging thoughts. When they occur, observe them and breathe calmly into them without denying their existence.

2. Write down all your fears and doubts on a sheet of paper and each time any of the fear or doubts rears its head, take the paper and read out the fear. Cancel it out on the paper and close your eyes cancelling it out again in your mind. Then breathe in slowly and as you slowly breathe out say to yourself: “I release the energy of (say the fear), you no longer have any hold on me”. Repeat as many times as necessary until you feel that you’ve completely released the doubt or fear. Repeat the entire process for all the list on your paper as each doubt appears.

3. After releasing all your fears and doubts, you’ll begin to feel more calmer. This is the state of mind you want to be in order to fully align with what you need to do. Without inner peace, you cannot access real answers. Inner composure prepares you for the next step. This is to connect with your intuition for guidance. Now close your eyes and ask for inner guidance for whatever it is you want, bringing only one point at a time to focus. Ask for a clear direct answer and refrain from saying such things as: should I do this…. or should I do that? Instead be precise: “Show me the best way to handle this situation so that I’m able to use my gifts productively”

How to Quieten Inner Turbulence in Times of Changes Embracing Changes

Always remember that inner turbulence mirrors our vulnerabilities to us. By paying attention to these vulnerabilities and embracing them consciously, we can integrate their energy into our being and fully combine the emotional and mental energies together to redirect their path constructively. As long as we are controlled by our vulnerabilities, we will not be able to master our intuition and find the right path in life with deep satisfaction.

Begin to use the three steps and you’ll be amaze at how easier you’re able to handle any change more effectively.

Let me know your experience with this method.

Love Always
Your Inner Flame Rekindler

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