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Paradigm Shift: Beware Of Your Expressions!

Wow, What a jolt I got! Recently, as I was in the process of explaining some distinctions to a sweet elderly man he listened very attentively without as much as interrupting me. When I finished speaking, he gave me a wink and said: “all that barrage of words, are you trying to knock me out cold?”

This caught me completely off balance, that I just starred back at him in amazement. Here was a simple, caring veteran whom I have so much to be grateful for, considering how he has always been there to give me support without any complaint whatsoever. And I thought I could help him come to a better understanding of certain modern technology. Mind you, not that I am an expert or anything of that sort as far as technology goes. But, I have learned to apply one or two things better, and I was only trying to get him to let go of his resistance. Boy, what a crock!  He obviously had a more simplified approach!

This episode brought me down to earth. It squarely reminded me of how we sometimes make things complicated, especially when we are looking through a “dark glass”. Which often happens in times of changes. The tendency to complicate life is something I have always tried to be mindful of. One aspect of how we make things difficult is when we refuse to let the past be in the past, but burden ourself with what “used to be”, how we once were or what we once had!

It is a fact that learning to fully live in the present can simplify our lives. Especially when you are trying to make changes or are forced to make a change. A great help here is to become more aware of what you say and the expressions you use. Cherised memories are balm for the soul, but can keep us locked away in the old if we live too much in the past.

I have found that people who have problems with letting go of what was, usually struggle with identifying with the present. This is sad, because it is only in the present that we can truly be happy.It matters not what was yesterday or last decade, this moment holds the promise for tomorrow.

When you make a paradigm shift, you make a conscious shift in your awareness. It is as if you suddenly see clearer with an inner mind. A mind that reveals deeper truth and knowledge to you. This was what happened to me as I tried to be helpful to that gentle veteran. I realized that even though all my “gibberish” did make sense to me, they had only served to reinforce the dear man’s resistance even more. Lesson learned: the simpler the better. Give only what is required and not go overboard with words and expressions.

I hope to keep this lesson tucked consciously away under my belt!


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