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Can Speaking From Your Heart Make A Difference To Your Change?

I’m sure you will agree with me that most people say and do things in a reactive manner. By this I mean, when confronted by others, people tend to either become defensive or extreme apologetic. These two traits clearly indicate insecurity and lack of inner strength.

It is a fact that most people are not aware of these traits. The reason being that they have internalised their behaviour and use this in dealing with difficult interactions with others. Take for example someone who was asked about his or her honest opinion concernng a plan or a project.

I did this with one of my assistants the other day. What evolved out of our conversation was most unfulfilling with cagey, none transparent answers! Most people seem to believe that by speaking from their heart they will hurt other people’s feelings. And those who become defensive simple react out of an inner compulsion. The truth is that both of these tactics put people is a very awkward position and make them “seem” powerless. What people don’t realise is that you are never powerless, especially by speaking out from your heart!

If you want to truly be in control of your life, then you have to start speaking from your heart. When confronted by changes, it is wise to become very clear about what is going on inside of you. This especially as far as your feelings are concerned. As long as you are living in a “fog” you cannot take control of your life and you leave a wide door open for others to manipulate you.

Not only does speaking openly from your heart makes an impression on other people which makes people respect you, but it is a breath of fresh air which animates your partner in conversation. Even in business, your boss will always appreciate a honest down to earth communication. Because communication is about coming from a clear space of inner communion.

Never fear voicing your opinion. You have a great gift of inner percepton within you. This guides you in finding the right expressions to effectively communicate what you feel without being hurtful or mean. You owe it to yourself and others to always speak from your heart. I simply don’t believe in hiding from my sensing, because in the long run it saves people and myself a lot of pain and agony even if it doesn’t appear so from the start.

It is good to remember that change happens for a reason. One of those reasons may be to simply look within yourself with new eyes and be honest with yourself. And maybe it also points you in a clear direction that things have to be different to get to where you want to be.

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