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Are You a Perfectionist?

There are times when you may feel that no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get things right.

Take me for instance, I’ve been trying to finish my contents for a new website. Everything started off pretty well and I was really excited about getting the website finished and publishing it on the web. Then wham! I got stuck. It’s now been approximately a month and I still can’t figure out what went wrong. That means until yesterday.

Now I can see a faint light at the end of the tunnel. This glimmer is nothing else but an insidious characteristic trait … perfectionism!

This wasn’t always the case with me. But ever since I began to pitch my work against those of many other colleagues, I have acquired that steel drive to only give my very best or nothing. You see, I see many things written and offered to people which appear to me as insufficient and a little superficial.

Conversely, the other side of the coin would be working on a project until you drop dead, because you can never seem to be satisfied with your result.

I have to remind myself that I am only human and being exactly that makes it alright to be less than perfect. Since I’m aware that lurking behind every perfectionism is fear, I’ve been asking myself the question what is it that I fear. And voila: the answer stood tall before my mind’s eye. I was moving into a new territory, out of my comfort zone exposing myself. Would I do brilliantly, am I ready for this, what if I performed poorly were some of the questions that flooded my mind yesterday.

Fears and doubts will always assail us, but we mussn’t allow them to inhibt our inner movement and changes. So now that I’ve recognized what is holding me back, I’m back in the saddle ready to win the game.

Now onward to the task ahead of me.

What is your comment on perfectionism?

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