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A Special Invitation That Could Change Your Life

There are times when you just have to do something different to speed things up. I have received this invitation which I’m now passing on to you. Maybe you’re at a point in your life where you sense you could do with some extra help. Well then, don’t hesitate any longer. Register for this free classes and see if what you learn there can’t improve your life.

FREE Prosperity-Activation Sessions

Sharon Wilson of Coaching From Spirit invites you to a

FREE Life-Changing Event

Featuring: Ruth Lee, Spiritual Counselor

This is your opportunity to study with a most extraordinary teacher and scribe, Ruth Lee, at No Cost to You.  In less than an hour, learn how to effectively use an ancient Tibetan prayer that has changed millions of lives over the centuries.

Give yourself an hour, three Tuesday evenings, to develop the ability to attract prosperity immediately!

9:00 PM EST  March 21, 28 and April 4th

Register Here!  One Hour can change your life forever.

Have fun!  And remember to share your comments here about what you experienced.


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