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The Power To Restore and Reform

It is Springtime and nature is once again sprouting and blossoming with new life and fragrances and so is our body.

After successfully alleviating a very painful earache yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling relieved and refreshed. As I contemplate for a moment the memories of the excruciating pain from the previous day, I couldn’t but marvel at the rapid change.

I mean, here I am 12 hours down the road, with no pain whatsoever and practically back to my normal self! Anyone who has ever experienced any form of mind blowing pain knows it is no joke. Deep gratitude welled up inside of me as I was reminded of the true ability which lies dormant within each one of us, in our Spirit.

I felt a surge of new energy revibrating in me and intuitively perceived that I was connecting deeply with my innerself. The more I allowed it to happen the better I felt. By the time I got up I was in total harmony which I can only describe as serenity.

The secret to true happiness and joy lies buried within us and every now and then I find myself unveiling that secret and having a glimpse into the treasure. This promising treasure is also the key to new life and revival. For anything and everything that lives and breathes draws from an eternal life force which gives life to all.

We can all  draw from the gift of regeneratiing power, we only require to connect to it consciously.

Happy and abundant Spring!                            

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