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Spiritual Power Versus Mind Power

The other day, something extraordinary happened at my Centre which gave me a deep insight into the excellent ways our mind works and how they contrast with the grandeur ways of the spirit.

It also reminded me that some people feel that the mind is the same as the Spirit within us. I have experienced my own share of inner queries and have learnt to differentiate between the two.

The mind is the tool we use to order our life the way we want, while the Spirit is the living power within each one us.

Today, I'd like to begin a series of writings on my blog to look into Applied Psychology and mind power in our day to day life contrasted to applying spiritual power in daily life.

I have decided to use some original texts from Warren Hilton, the Founder of the Society of Applied Psychology. Throughout the series of postings here, I shall be using some extracts from one of Hilton's writings titled: "Initiative Psychic Energy" and contrasting them with Spiritual principles and awareness.  

Part 1. Mental Second Wind

Are you an unusually persevering and persistent person? Or, like most
of us, do you sometimes find it difficult to stick to the job until it
is done? What is your usual experience in this respect?


Is it not this, that you work steadily along until all of a sudden you
become conscious of a feeling of weariness, crying "Enough!" for the
time being, and that you then yield to the impulse to stop?


The Lagging Brain


Assuming that this is what generally happens, does this feeling of
fatigue, this impulse to rest, mean that your mental energy is

Suppose that by a determined effort of the will you force your lagging
brain to take up the thread of work. There will invariably come a new
supply of energy, a "second wind," enabling you to forge ahead with a
freshness and vigour that is surprising after the previous lassitude.

Nor is this all. The same process may be repeated a second time and a
third time, each new effort of the will being followed by a renewal of


Reserve Supplies of Power


Many a man will tell you that he does his best work in the wee watches
of the morning, after tedious hours of persevering but fruitless
effort. Instead of being exhausted by its long hours of persistent
endeavour, the mind seems now to rise to the acme of its power, to
achieve its supreme accomplishments. Difficulties melt into thin air,
profound problems find easy solution. Flights of genius manifest
themselves. Yet long before midnight such a one had perhaps felt
himself yield to fatigue and had tied a wet towel around his head or
had taken stimulants to keep himself awake.


The existence of this reserve supply of energy is manifested in
physical as well as mental effort.


Men who work with their heads and men who work with their hands,
scholars and Marathon runners, must alike testify to the existence of
reserve supplies of power not ordinarily drawn upon.


"Blue" Mondays


If we do not always or habitually utilize this reserve power, it is
simply because we have accustomed ourselves to yield at once to the
first strong feeling of fatigue.


Evidence of this same fact appears in our feelings on different days.
How often does a man get up from his breakfast-table after a long
night's rest, when he should be feeling fresh and invigorated, and say
to himself, "I don't feel like working today." And it may take him
until afternoon to get into his workaday stride, if, indeed, he
reaches it at all.


Which power is applied in this event: the mind power or spiritual power?


And how do you differentiate between the two powers?


Give your comments and set the ball rolling.


Yours for spiritual clarity & awareness


Kunbi Korostensky ND


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