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My Marvel at the Mystery of Life

Yesterday as my husband and I headed back home after enjoying a really fabulous evening with friends – Christmas concert and a scrumptious meal at one of our favourite restaurants -, I couldn’t help but marvel about the concert we just listened to.

You know how certain things just seem to fall into place, while other things tend to drag and take time to evolve?  Well that’s what I couldn’t get out of my mind as I watched and listened to the three musicians during the concert.

The “trio” were two pretty young ladies and a slim, tender looking young man. I must admit that they portrayed a wonderful picture of a “perfect world”.  A world that we all dream of attaining… harmony, every note in place, all tuned into each other, ending in a perfect melody.

As I marveled at the trio working their little miracle around us with their flutes, I wondered why is it so difficult for people to attain this same perfect harmony with each other and their own lives.

Like fitting in the notes into chords and practising until they are perfect for the ears, why can’t we all take the time to perfect our relationships or the changes in our lives? Why do we tend to give up too easily and quickly, when sometimes all it requires is simply a little perseverance to reach your goal? I wonder and marvel at the mystery of being and living.

Could it be that we need to overcome adversities in order to feel alive or maybe we no longer are capable of living consciously without challenges and stress? Afterall, stress factor can be an adrenalin surge for certain people.

I WONDER out aloud!

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