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International Conference Infuses Femininity & Spirituality Back Into The Businesswoman

Finally, here is the press release for our 1st International Conference for Women in Switzerland. I look forward to meeting some of my loyal readers there and getting to know you personally. 

Business mavens often preach that success comes at the expense of personal fulfillment. For women, who abandon femininity and spirituality to assimilate into the workplace, business achievement comes at a high price. Some businesswomen denounce the notion that they must give up their femininity. These women will converge at the International Conference for Women and Women Entrepreneurs on October 13-15, 2006 in Brunnen, Switzerland.

“The conference offers women a safe environment to voice their fear about owning their spirituality and femininity and encourages women to use them to transform their life and surroundings,” states founder Olakunbi Korostensky. As a naturopathic doctor and psychotherapist, she knows the effect of stress on the body and spirit. Korostensky’s holistic approach, taught in her popular seminars, is the focus of the conference. She will not be alone at the podium. Korostensky recruited nine world-renowned experts to inspire attendees.

Stefanie Hartman’s presentation, “How Women are Becoming Expert Millionaires, Selling Information They Already Have!” is one of the most anticipated. The certified marketing consultant transformed the careers of many entrepreneurs – taking one unknown author to bestseller status in six weeks. Professional coach Heidi Röthlisberger, systemic management and leadership specialist Teresa Mocna, author and publisher Motunlayo Sofowote and empowerment guru Carole Spiers will join her.

To cultivate spiritual and mental well being, conference attendees will hear from psychiatrist Dr. Mitchell Gibson, spiritual teacher and author Dr. Margo Kirtikar, Sufi teacher Annette Kaiser and natural health consultant Vivien Clere Green. “I would have loved to have these experts on my show. This weekend is going to shape our future as women,” exclaims moderator Nicole Noevers. The journalist and television personality’s talk show “Nicole – Decision in the Afternoon” aired in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The conference venue, the Seehotel Waldstätterhof, provides the perfect escape for attendees. The itinerary also contributes to its serenity. Romps to nightclubs and after parties are noticeably absent. Instead, Saturday ends with poetry and music. Sunday closes with opera singers Anne-Marie Karger and Isabella Baumeler. “We are excluding extracurricular activities that could distract attendees from the purpose of the conference, which is for women to recognize their feminine power and to connect with it,” asserts Korostensky. Attendees will not have to wait until the next conference to connect with that power or each other. Korostensky will launch the Awaken Women International program, a global network of guidance including a telephone support group. Registration is open to the public. Deadlines and fees are available at

Thanks to the support and co-ordination of a group of wonderful women world wide, especially from the Uk, this conference has taken a remakable turn I would never have dreamt of! I look forward to a long, happy and prosperous journey together with you all. This change is truly a miracle!    


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