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Heck, This is Frustrating!

Since the beginning of this week, I’ve been struggling with the challenge of compiling a full detailed workshop program for 2006. It should be about 14 to 15 pages. What is gnawing at me is not writing the material for the pages, but getting to figure out the best way to organize the pages in order to get it right for printing afterwards.

Heaven knows, I am not an expert when it comes to structuring paperwork on the computer. Still I need to create some samples to present to our board members by the next board meeting, which is barely in 2 weeks.

The program is a course program from our Foundation. For the first time since I founded the Foundation in 2003, we’ve decided to offer a full year program instead of a quarterly program as we’ve done in the past.

Little did I realize the amount of work and co-ordination entailed in setting up a simple and coherent brochure properly, when I agreed to do it. This even more so, because of consideration for the schedules of all speakers and presenters involved and setting up the program in two languages – German and English!

So I have decided to simply write each text on single pages and let someone else deal with the mumble jumble of coherency. After all, this is supposed to be a team work!

Any other suggestions?

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