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Become Like a Child


Hi there

The other day as I was chatting with my neighbour, she complained about how her one year old son was becoming very active and demanding!

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, especially as I remember rightly how not too long ago, she had wanted a child. and now that he’s here…he seems to be becoming a burden. Just great and unbelievable were my first thoughts.

When I went in to see her and her little boy later on, I observed the little one toddling around and being himself and suddenly it dawned on me why his mother was all flustered out.

The little one was simply abiding by the rules of nature….Which is, to develop and move on, and she, the mother was finding it difficult to adapt.

Go With The Flow

I gently pointed this out to her, remarking that all she needed to do was to become like her child. She was really amazed when I said this. So I explained that she only has to go with the flow. In children’s developmental stages, growing children do not think about when and how they grow. They just do.

Meaning, she the mother simply should relax and sit back, accepting  the new process as a stage of learning for her own development and growth. Just as it is for her child.

How many times do you get overwhelmed by trying to second guess yourself whenever a change occur, or whenever something is not going the way you expect it to?

Changes Are Simple To Make

Allowing changes to simply evolve usually freaks people out because of many unsettling emotions involved. Still, changes are simple to make if you just relax and enjoy the ride.

Can you find anything in your life at present, to help remind and reassure you of how you have in the past, naturally made some changes like a child?

For sometime now, I have made a commitment to myself to live more consciously, and this involves seeing and experiencing changes in my life as very simple and joyful.

This attitude is quite freeing and exhilarating, because it helps me continuously learn new things in awe. Just like a child. Have you ever observed the expression on a child’s tiny face, when it discovers something new? …It is magical!

I challenge you to try it.

Keep tuned in.



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